Alchimia Wines

As good people, we pursue to develop our activity within the viticulture industry with responsibility and respect.

We believe philosophy, values, art and science blend in what we do, and know that passion is the binding element.We built a team that can offer, from the human and professional standpoint, value in everything we do. Our ambition is to surprise customers and consumers every day, with attitudes, actions, products and services which deliver wellbeing, happiness and enjoyment.

We want our wines to be a positive element in the lives of people that share this passion with us.

We hope they reflect our will to offer products of superior quality, elegance and with personality. Wines with body and soul, to be shared in your best moments.

Alchemists, used to believe that there are four fundamental elements in nature (fire, air, water and soil), that combined in perfect harmony and balance, will produce a fifth element that will multiply the power of each, at its greatest expression. This is our perfect definition of terroir.

We have been provoked by this ancient cultural baggage that alchemy offers us (philosophy, traditions, art, science) to define our approach towards viticulture: using the diversity and richness of micro terroirs and their expression through our different iconic and emerging varieties, as a catalyst to the great macro conditions that Mendoza offers. 

We conceive our wines in our vineyards, approach our work with uncompromised quality, with humility and passion, so that our fifth element, our wines, are simply amazing.

“Wines are our art and alchemy our method; this is what Alchimia is about.”