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We bring you the best wines from Argentina so you can taste them in the simplest way.

PresentationWe Import and Distribute

We are importers of Argentine wines and distributors of argentine and spanish wines for the whole European Union and some countries of Asia.

Based in the city of Barcelona, we have a professional team in the field, specialized in providing commercial solutions


We are inspired by the joint work, the passion for growth and the permanent search to satisfy the needs of our clients, with the highest performance.


With our logistics hub in fiscal depot, we seek to meet the needs of our partners in order to have permanent stock to supply all customers around Europe.


ANDESWINEThe wineries

Our Associated Wineries are selected by carrying out an exhaustive analysis, where we consider different parameters such as quality, price, presentation, philosophy and history of them.

From Andeswine, we import and distribute wines from Bodegas Argentinas, as a subsidiary, we take advantage of all the synergies, personality, character and essence, and at the same time we highlight the uniqueness of each one of them, showing their character and identity. In this way, we can offer importers, distributors and Horeca a wide portfolio and a personalized service, adjusting to their needs.

IntroducingThe Grapes varietals


It is the emblematic Argentinean variety.

Due to the outstanding characteristics that the variety acquires when it is grown in our country.

Origin, South of France.

It is characterised by its shades deep violets, an intense taste and aroma of ripe plums, jam and violets.

Very elegant body, supports wood well, especially French oak.


Italian origin.

Highly suitable for improving blended wines, especially with Malbec.

Wines with a lot of colour are obtained with red fruit aromas and good vinosity without major complexities.


Bourgogne origin. With this type of vine, fine, young and fresh varietals can be obtained as well as complex wines for aging, with a lot of body and density of taste.

Shades of tropical fruits such as pineapple and banana appear and sometimes apples when the grapes are not very ripe or come from cold areas. Also, it usually presents very subtle herbaceous aromas.

With some ripening, its primary voluptuousness is complemented by vanilla and toasted features, more characteristic of almonds that increase with time until it becomes a formidable and complex ripe wine.

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